The month of Dzulhijjah is here and we are offering a 5% discount with no minimum spend storewide from now till the end of the year. For orders above $30.00, use discount code EID10OFF to get a limited time special discount of 10% till the end of Dzulhijjah only.


Yan’s Hajj Package      $18.00

A set comprising a storybook about a poor farmer’s dream to perform Hajj, and a Hajj Sticker Journey chart that traces the rites of Hajj in a fun and interactive way.

Find out more – Yan’s Hajj

Find out more – Hajj Sticker Journey

My First Book About the Quran    $16.00


A beautiful board book that introduces the main teachings of the Quran, written in simple language for toddlers and young children to enjoy.              Find out more….

Holiday Activity Books Set   

Special Offer $30.00 only!           

A collection of four activity books on the theme of Wudu’ (Ablution), Salat (Prayer), Hajj and Ramadan. The books are filled with engaging hands-on activities to keep your child meaningfully occupied during their spare time.                                           Find out more….

Ramadan and Eid Collection  

Special Offer $30.00 only!

A delightful collection of a Ramadan and Fasting activity book plus four storybooks on Ramadan and Eid to keep the whole family meaningfully occupied. As you share the stories with your child, he or she gets to appreciate the spirit of love and compassion of Ramadan by sharing food with the less fortunate, as well as learn to express gratitude for Allah’s blessings during Eid-ul-Fitr. Your child will also have endless fun colouring, solving puzzles and pasting stickers in the activity book.                               Find out more….

Ramadan Gift Set  


Special Offer $23.00 only

A delightful collection of an activity book and two story books on the theme of Ramadan for young children. They will get to enjoy reading the stories on Ramadan, as well as having endless fun colouring, solving puzzles and playing with colourful stickers in the activity book. A Welcome Ramadan banner will make a beautiful wall decoration at home to celebrate the coming of Ramadan.                                            Find out more….


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