Prophets of Islam series

The Prophets of Islam series is a collection of 8 charming story cum activity books that highlight a particular story in the life of each Prophet. With colourful backgrounds and vibrant pictures to stimulate a child’s imagination, the exciting activities in these books will surely keep your child happily occupied, as they learn about the prophets and the special abilities that Allah has bestowed on them.

Books information:

  • Title : Prophet Sulaiman a.s. and the ants
  • ISBN : 9780860377771
  • Title : Prophet Ibrahim a.s. and the little bird
  • ISBN : 9780860377405
  • Title : Prophet Nuh a.s. and the Great Ark
  • ISBN : 9780860376446
  • Title : Prophet Ismail a.s. and the Zamzam well
  • ISBN : 9780860377450
  • Title : Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and the Crying Camel
  • ISBN : 9780860376347
  • Title : Prophet Yunus a.s. and the Whale
  • ISBN : 9780860377184
  • Title : Prophet Adam a.s. and Wicked Iblis
  • ISBN : 9780860376392
  • Title : Prophet Yusuf a.s. – Devoured by the Wolf
  • ISBN : 9780860377238
  • By : Saadah Taib
  • Illustrator : Shazana Rosli
  • Pages: 16
  • Publisher : The Islamic Foundation
  • Format : Paperback

Author: PapyrusbooksSg

Source of quality Islamic educational materials for young children.

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