My Collection – the First Series

Introducing “My Collection – the First Series”. A collection of 5 stories of the Prophets containing words of wisdom that give emphasis on building in children, parents and educators, a sense of gratitude to Allah and belief in Him.

Children will get to learn about the special gifts that Allah has blessed the Prophets with, and how they were tested with difficulties and challenges, yet they were patient and always hope for Allah’s Grace and Mercy. 

Through reading and sharing these books with your children, you will be amazed at how the stories come “alive” as you flip from one page to another. The beautiful illustrations were specially chosen to portray the reality of the past. The words are not only simple but also encourage inquisitiveness in the young minds to want to know more about the Prophets that Allah loved. 

We hope that through constantly revisiting these stories of the past, your children will want to emulate the goodness of attitude and character of these amazing individuals.

Author : Haniah Abdul Hamid

Publisher : Cavenur Read! Singapore


Book Size : A4 Landscape

Each set comes with 5 books.

Specially printed with vegetable oil ink and laminated with anti-microbial coating to keep you safe while reading the book. Printing process is powered by Sunseap 100% Clean Energy!

Get it now on Lazada App.

Author: PapyrusbooksSingapore

Provider of quality Islamic educational materials for young children.

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