Way back in 2004, three book-loving friends realised that there was a lack of good quality Islamic books for their young children in Singapore bookstores. So they got together to look for suitable Islamic educational materials online. They were amazed at the wide variety of books and educational materials that were available from all over the world. The idea to bring these materials to Singapore and make them more accessible to parents and teachers here started to evolve.

Soon after, Papyrus Books was born. Through the years, we have grown to be a reliable supplier of quality Islamic books and other educational materials to kindergartens, preschools and private educational centres. Our mission is to meet the spiritual developmental needs of children by inculcating the love of reading, for through reading, hearts and minds will open wide to allow the light of knowledge to shine within us!

“Read in the name of your Lord who created…”

Holy Quran, Surah Al Alaq (96:1)